Hi, thank you for playing my game.

This is a visual novel of a story between a wolf and a shepherdess. The story actually is inspired by a lot of other games such as Devil May Cry, Werewolf board game and also a bunch of movies ( especially some Disney movie about animals).

Please play it in full screen!!!

The work is still under development because the story is quite long so in this version I have only introduced basic characters relationship and the background. More conflicts and the real ending would release later ( maybe on Christmas?).

To continue the dialogue please click in the dialogue box!!! 

And If you have anything want to say ,feel free to write down a comment.


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The intro was very effective, beautiful cutout style, and the storytelling world totally came across. So many different moments and spaces, I was impressed.
I also enjoyed the unexpect humourous inserts, i.e Shawn the sheep:)
Maybe the different styles, both visual and gameplay could benefit from a more unified transition? Either way, good job, and good luck on your upcoming work!!